Walk with Wisdom is an invitation for sisters, associates, and anyone connected to the Family of Joseph to reconnect, find renewal and reflect on what it means to live the charism and mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Our shared charism affects us individually and corporately, today and into the future.

Through shared experiences, prayer and contemplative conversations, we will deepen and grow our faith community. Together we will explore texts, including the maxims given to us by Jean-Pierre Medaille, S.J.; sacred scripture; letters from Pope Francis; and the writings of scholar-theologian Walter Brueggemann.

About the Program

Walk with Wisdom is designed to take place over six three-hour sessions. The program is entirely self-directed by your group; the timeline can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Each session will have some or all of the following components:

  • Centering prayer
  • Sharing the state of the heart
  • Shared experiential exercises
  • Guided discussion from the readings
  • Corporate silent worship/contemplative silence and time for reflections that may have emerged from the silence
  • Journaling, a personal commitment of practice
  • Closing prayer

Watch our introductory video.