How to Use

How to Use

It is important that small groups establish themselves as committed learning communities that will meet regularly over the course of a year or so to explore all six modules together. A volunteer facilitator is needed for each session and need not be the same person throughout the entire series.

The facilitator need not worry that she is the teacher of the group. The facilitator’s role is:

  1. To take responsibility for preparing and reading all of the materials that will be shared at a particular session (see what materials are needed for each module),
  2. To assist the group in centering and starting prayer,
  3. To watch the time or to ask another group member to be the time-keeper for the session,
  4. To help illicit full participation by allowing space for those who are reserved to share and tempering those who feel the need to fill silence with chatter. Space and silence allows time for those who need it to process, absorb and reply.

The facilitator for any session can find a Facilitator’s Guide for each module on the Modules section of the site. Only the facilitator needs to read these guides in advance.

Participants are asked to prepare for each module by reading the prescribed texts found in the Readings for Participants packet. These readings should take less than an hour to complete.

Getting Started

  1. Gather a small group of interested participants. Group size can be very flexible.
  2. Choose a facilitator for your first session.
  3. Choose locations, dates and times for all six of your sessions. We recommend planning for three-hour sessions. If you choose to meet for a shorter or longer time, adjust the times listed in the facilitor’s guides accordingly.
  4. Purchase or locate a copy of The Prophetic Imagination by Walter Brueggemann. This is the only reading material for the program that is not available for free online.
  5. Have all participants watch the introductory video before the first session.
  6. Have all participants complete the readings for Module One before the first session.
  7. Fill out our simple Online Enrollment Form to help us track how many groups have undertaken this program.
  8. Decide if the same person will facilitate all six sessions. If you will switch between facilitators, assign leaders for each module.