Module 2: Charism & Worldview

Module Goals

  • To explore and examine the concept of worldview and its capacity to shape everything we see, hear, and understand about the world in which we are living as well as all that happens to us personally and collectively.
  • To develop a framework for realizing that the power of worldview impacts everyone regardless of their culture, ethnicity, political, or religious persuasion, gender, economic status, education, profession, or vocation.
  • To create an understanding and respect for the reality that worldviews are learned constructs that shape how we engage our local and global venues of family, neighborhood, community, province, congregation, country, or cosmos.
  • To invite a curious stance towards how worldviews come into existence and a willingness to inquire about one’s own worldview, the worldviews held by others, as well as the worldview nurtured by the CSSJ charism of active, all-inclusive, reconciling, unioning love.

Facilitator Materials